With coilcraft, it all started with a simple desire.

In 2014, a few friends at Coilcraft decided to build an inductor that could be used to make electrical components.

The idea was to build a coil, but instead of simply using a coil of wire, they chose to use a coil and a resonator that could both be connected to a power source.

The result was a high performance device that uses a high voltage transformer, which is what allowed the Coilcraft to use inductors with a high frequency.

As the number of people interested in the product grew, the company was able to add an additional set of features that were then further developed into a better and more versatile product.

To make the most of the increased production, the new design had to be designed in a way that the product could be easily integrated into existing products.

This meant that, unlike the previous design, the final product was designed to be extremely versatile and easily adapted for different applications.

This is what led to the new Coilcraft enclosure.