Inventors and designers have long dreamed of using 3D printers to make their products, and today’s latest attempt could be the future.

The company, called 3D Printing Company, says it’s building a small-scale, cheap and simple car that uses a standard inductors to generate electricity.

Inventor John Vickers, cofounder of the company, says the car would be cheap to produce, produce in a matter of days and cost about $20,000.

The car uses a combination of inductors and electronics to generate power.

A high-power inductor is a combination metal alloy, including aluminum and carbon, that generates a high electrical current when it is heated.

3D printing can be used to make a car with many different types of materials, like plastics and glass, that are inexpensive to produce.

In addition to making a car, the company has already produced one car, and plans to produce more.

It’s not the first time 3D-printed cars have been made.

The electric car is a key element in a new concept called self-driving cars, in which the vehicle would be autonomous, but still be powered by an internal battery.

The new car would need to be able to travel on roads with a few people, which is a challenge because the typical car is very long.