Several manufacturers are using a new type of induction in electric cars to power their vehicles, according to a new article from the UK’s The Telegraph.

The technology, known as multiple jet induction, uses a large number of jets to generate electrical power for electric vehicles, and a new report from the company claims that they could be used in several types of electric cars, including electric trucks and buses.

The Telegraph article notes that multiple jet powertrains are currently being used in electric vehicles and could be useful for other applications, including powering aircraft engines.

The article also mentions that this type of technology could be applied to hybrid and battery-electric vehicles, as well as to hybrid-electric and electric-hybrid vehicles.

The company, which is part of the UK-based Electric Vehicle Group, has already demonstrated the technology in an electric truck.

The company recently unveiled its first electric motorcycle, the Super Saver, which uses the same technology.

The new technology uses multiple jets to produce electricity for the motors, which are then driven to the motor’s gears to generate torque.

A small, integrated generator converts the torque to a voltage, which drives a capacitor that powers the electric motor.

This can produce up to 1 kilowatt of power, according the Telegraph.

This new technology is being applied in several ways, according The Telegraph:The company’s founder, Mark Thomas, said the company is already working on the design of a car with the technology.

Thomas told the Telegraph that the company will launch a product with this technology in 2019, and then work on a commercial vehicle.

Thomas said the technology could also be applied in electric-vehicle applications, like powering the powertrain of electric trucks, and electric buses, as long as the technology can be used for a long period of time.

Thomas told the newspaper that this technology is also being used for other purposes.

He said that the technology is already being used to power electric buses and electric trucks.

“We have been working on a range of applications including the electric truck, and we believe this technology could potentially be applied for the electric vehicle industry,” Thomas told The Telegraph, adding that the concept of the system is to build a range-extending motor, and apply this technology to convert torque into electric power.

This technology could help Tesla make the electric SUV more affordable.

Thomas said that it could also potentially help Tesla develop the electric sedan, which has been touted as the “Tesla of the future.”

Tesla’s new Supercharger network is already showing some success in charging Tesla vehicles, but the company hasn’t yet provided detailed information on how many vehicles are being charged.

This could be due to the fact that Tesla has yet to release data on how much power each vehicle is generating.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced plans to build the first “Tesla Superchargers,” which will be located at Superchargering stations.

The system will charge all vehicles that use it in a single day.