Dual inductors are a popular choice of speakers because of their compact size, low distortion and wide frequency response.

The speaker is placed on top of a metal plate and is powered by a single coil, which in turn is powered from a series inductor.

When connected to a power source, it produces a high-frequency response.

The dual inductOR is one of the first types of speakers to make its debut in 2017, and it’s a perfect fit for those seeking more low-noise sound and bass.

There are many types of dual inductrins, including the popular dual-sink, single-sinking, single inductor and multi-sinker.

There’s also a number of models with dual inductores, such as the new S2.

The S2 is a two-sides-per-one design that uses two separate inductors and a second, more compact design.

The new S1 and S2 dual inductin speakers are based on a two and a half-inch (50 millimetres) diaphragm.

The new design is slightly larger than the S1, and is slightly wider.

The front and rear of the S2 are also slightly longer.

The overall dimensions of the speakers are 9.5 inches (280 mm) long and 11.5-inches (280mm) wide.

The two speakers use the same power rating of 400 watts (the S1 is rated at 425 watts).

The speakers feature two 5.25-inch woofers and two 6.5 inch drivers.

The tweeter and bass drivers are made of polypropylene, which is known for its strength.

The drivers have a rubber-like surface and are rated at 60 watts per channel.

The S2’s crossover section features a 1-inch diameter silk-screen surround, with two woofer-to-wound drivers on each side of the woofer, as well as a 3.5 mm tweeter-to, woofer-to output, and a single woofer/woofer-output combo.

The woofering is also coated with a transparent polymer to reduce reflections.

The speakers feature a full-range 2.5″ woofer and a midrange tweeter.

The midrange is a tweeter in a separate enclosure.

The speakers come with a two year warranty, but the company offers a lifetime warranty for $5,000.

The loudspeaker comes with a lifetime guarantee and the S3, which comes with the same speaker.

The speaker will cost $2,500, which works out to about $600 per speaker.

There will also be a $1,500 introductory price for the speakers.

The $3,000 price tag is a little steep, but if you’re willing to spend the extra $500, you should get a very capable, compact, high-quality dual-driver speaker.