Here are some basic tips to help you keep your AC vents clean and in tip-top shape.1.

Install a cleaner hose2.

Clean the vent hole(s) in your cabin3.

Add an air filter4.

Replace the AC vent5.

Use the air filter as a filter for the rest of your cabin6.

Install an air conditioner if it’s not working.7.

Replace all the AC outlets in your home or business.8.

Clean your windows and doors with the window cleaner you’ve bought.9.

Use a window cleaner in your bathroom.10.

Clean up your garage with a dustbuster.11.

Make sure your carpets are up to code.12.

Clean out the carpets of your car, truck, van or boat and remove any debris from the floors.13.

Remove any paint chips from any windows.14.

Remove carpet and floor tiles from your home.15.

Clean and maintain your home’s electrical and plumbing system.16.

Install new insulation and wiring for your home and office.17.

Install and maintain electrical or plumbing equipment and services in your house.18.

Install air conditioning if it doesn’t work.19.

Remove paint chips and debris from your carpet and linoleum.20.

Install insulation and insulation cladding in your apartment if it hasn’t been properly installed.21.

Replace windows in your building if they have worn down.22.

Clean carpets and linens to keep them in tip top shape.23.

Replace your air conditioning.24.

Replace appliances.25.

Install electrical service if it is not working properly.26.

Check the wiring in your air conditioners.27.

Clean ductwork.28.

Replace ductwork in your garage.29.

Remove carpets, linens and any loose insulation in your kitchen.30.

Replace air conditioning in your water heater.31.

Replace electrical or gas lines in your basement.32.

Replace any loose electrical wire in your wall or ceiling.33.

Check your roof if there are cracks or any cracks on it.34.

Install window cleaners.35.

Install windows, doors and all electrical components in your attic.36.

Install ductwork or electrical panels in your ceiling.37.

Install any insulation or insulation cladded to your ceiling or wall.38.

Install additional insulation or cladded windows or doors.39.

Replace or upgrade any ductwork you may have installed in your ceilings.40.

Clean any duct or insulation in the attic.41.

Install ventilation systems in your roof.42.

Install fire extinguishers.