With a new iPhone X, Apple has brought back a classic.

The new phone has a slightly tweaked version of the one that made its debut in 2017, and while it’s a step forward, it’s still not the best phone you can buy.

Here’s what to expect from the iPhone X as soon as it hits stores on November 7.1.

The most noticeable difference is the iPhone’s display.

The iPhone X has a 1,920 x 1,080 screen, but the iPhone 8 Plus is still 1,440 x 1.836.

This is because the iPhone 10, which launched in late 2017, is bigger and thinner than the iPhone 9, which debuted in November of 2017.2.

You can’t get the same level of detail on the display.

While the display on the iPhone has a sharp and clear, bright display, it looks better in person.

The Apple Watch Sport 2 has a similar design, but it has a more detailed display.

Apple says that the OLED display on its new iPhones is 100 percent more accurate than the LCD display on some Samsung phones.3.

You won’t get a true-to-life feel on the screen.

When you hold the phone in front of the screen, it appears like it’s being held with a plastic grip.

That’s because the display is made from glass, and the display’s curvature makes it feel more like a traditional phone.

However, it also offers a clear and sharp view, which is why some people find it more comfortable to hold it.

Apple promises that the iPhone will have a “glassy screen” that’s the same color as the screen itself.4.

The phone will only have a single-digit 5.5-inch display.

Unlike some previous iPhones, the iPhone is going to have a new 5.7-inch screen.

The screen on the new iPhones will be the same size as the 5.2-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

The display will be curved to fit your hand and a curved bezel that will sit on the bottom of the phone.5.

There’s no headphone jack on the back.

The headphones on the front are larger and louder than the ones on the sides.

This has a big effect on how much you feel the music on the phone when you listen to it.

The phones headphone jack is also different.

The earphones have a large, flat surface and a slightly rounded one that is angled in a more comfortable way.6.

The camera on the device will be larger and brighter.

This means that the camera on iPhone X will have an even larger pixel count, with 12 megapixels.

That means the device has more pixels than the 12 megapixel iPhone 8.

The Pixel XL has 13 megapores, but Apple says the Pixel XL is still smaller.7.

The rear camera on iOS is the same.

Apple’s camera software is the most powerful in the smartphone industry, and it’s also the one with the most bells and whistles.

There are HDR, Face Detection, Lens Correction, and Live Photos.

The device will also have a built-in laser range finder.8.

You’ll need a $999 (or £599) accessory bundle to get the new iPhone.

The biggest upgrade to this iPhone is that it will come with the $1,000 Apple Pay, a new form of payment that’s a way to pay for things like tickets, flights, and hotels.9.

You’re getting an Apple Watch that comes with a new, larger battery.

The larger battery is going be the biggest upgrade you’ll get to the iPhone, and you can expect the device to last up to nine hours on a single charge.

The smaller battery will also mean that the device’s battery life will increase.

Apple claims the iPhone battery will last up 100 percent longer than the phone’s.10.

You get an upgraded camera sensor.

The cameras on the devices new iPhones have been updated to better handle the new sensors, and they will be capable of capturing much more detailed photos and video.

In addition, the new camera sensor has improved depth sensors, so that it can capture objects and people in more detail.11.

The devices cameras will also get new, smaller lenses.

The lenses on the camera phones are also updated to make them bigger and more powerful.

The company says that all of these upgrades make the iPhone and iPhone X a better phone and will help make them even better in the future.12.

The glass-back design of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Plus has been made smaller.

The 12s has a 4.7 millimeter screen and 12.7mm screen size, which means it’s now smaller than the 13-inch 13s Plus.

However the glass backs of the 12s and 12 Plus are thinner, making them a little thinner than those of the 13 and 13 Plus.13.

The front of iPhone X is slightly different than the back of iPhone 12. Apple