The Indian headgear maker North Face has announced its inductor for its new face protection system, the N-Face.

The device is based on a traditional mask that can be worn on the face and will have four sensors on each side.

The headgear will also have an infrared camera to detect the wearer’s temperature and will work in conjunction with other sensors to provide the user with a 360-degree vision.

The N-face will be available in two sizes, a standard and a full-sized model.

The standard model will retail for $130 and the full-size will be $150.

Both the standard and full-powered versions of the Nface will come with an optional helmet, which will add two additional sensors to the face protector.

The helmet will come in three colors and the device will come preloaded with an infrared sensor.

The wearable tech company has also released its first video to help explain the N face, which is a combination of a mask and goggles.

The N face has been around for about 30 years, but the video was created in just a few weeks and is the first time that the tech has been shown to the public.

The video will be released to the press on Thursday.

The company said it will reveal more details on the NFace at a later date.

The first wearable tech startup, which was founded in 2014, is now valued at $2.6 billion.