The Gowandas have been on a tear lately, with their first batch of inductors coming in April.

The Gombe inductors are now available in a few sizes, including a small, 6mm inductor, and the smaller 6mm, 10mm, and 20mm inductors.

There are also more sophisticated models for more advanced use cases, but the basics of the basic Gombee inductors should work on any computer or desktop.

Gowando inductors can also be easily modified by changing the material of the coil.

The Gowands are also using a new type of inductor called a “vacuum capacitor,” which can improve the efficiency of the Gombees and other high-efficiency inductors with a smaller footprint.

The capacitor is typically used to improve the performance of other inductors, like the PLC inductors that the company introduced at CES this year.

The company’s latest version of the PNC inductor was introduced at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, and Gombeen have made several updates since then.

The most recent version, Gombes VAC, has the lowest energy consumption of any of their current products, but it still has the same 10-year warranty as the PPC inductor.

You can read more about the new inductor in this Engadgadget article .

The company says that the VAC is a “much better performer,” and we think the new version is more competitive than the PCC’s “compromise.”