Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are launching in the US today, and in addition to the standard Galaxy S models, we also get a version of the Note 10.1, S8, S9, and S9 Plus.

The S8 is the first new phone to be officially announced, while the S9 and S10 will arrive in Europe this month.

We’re also getting a Galaxy S9 Max Edition with an all-new display, an enhanced camera with a bigger sensor, and a slightly lower price tag.

All of this is part of Samsung’s long-term effort to take the S brand to new heights, and it’s all the more impressive given that its predecessor, the S7, was just one year old.

The company is aiming to launch as many as 25 new handsets every year, with the S8 being the latest entry.

The big news in this new launch is that the phones all have NFC, a technology that Samsung’s own phones use.

That’s something that has been rumored for years, and the new phones all support it, including the Galaxy S10.

Samsung’s goal with NFC is to eliminate the need for carriers to make payments and purchases in the physical world, which means the phones don’t have to be bulky or complicated to be used in public.

NFC is a very big deal, and NFC is going to be one of the big themes of the Galaxy phones as they come out over the next couple of years.

The new S phones come with Samsung Pay, Samsung’s virtual payment system, which allows users to swipe cards and make purchases with a click of the screen.

Samsung Pay works with Samsung phones, and unlike most of its competitors, the company does have the option to accept Samsung Pay as a payment method on the S phones.

There are some limitations with this approach, though.

NFC payments aren’t backed up on your device, and you can’t use it with Samsung Gear VR headsets or Samsung Pay cards.

Samsung is working to make NFC payments more secure, but it’s not quite there yet.

We did see the Galaxy Note 8 and S6 Edge, but that was a relatively new device.

That means Samsung’s phones will be getting the new TouchWiz interface that Samsung brought to its Note series phones earlier this year.

Samsung has a few more major announcements on the way for the Galaxy smartphones over the coming months, including a refreshed version of its Galaxy Note series and a new Galaxy S line.