Posted January 19, 2018 04:25:24A new product is going to come out of the Ferritas booth at CES this year.

Ferrite Technologies has announced that the inductor they are working on for the new version of the FERRA-6, the FEL-6D, is $13,499.

That’s a lot of money for the type of thing we’re talking about.

We have a good sense of what they can do with that inductor.

It has the same form factor as the original FEL, but it has a more compact design, so it’s a better-performing inductor for less money.

You can buy them directly from Ferrite for $14,999.

Ferrites new version, which is now available, uses the same inductor design as the Fel.

The biggest difference is that the new FEL 6D has a much lower inductor temperature, which helps it get into higher-temperature applications.

In the Ferris lineup, you can get a 6D and a 6S with the same price tag, so the new 6D is actually cheaper than the 6S.

It’s an upgrade.

But it’s not a major upgrade, in terms of performance, so we’re going to keep seeing the Ferrites FEL for a long time.

The reason you’re seeing Ferrite make an upgrade in the FERC6D is that this is the same design as that inductors that they made with the FED-12 in the 1970s and 80s.

The FED12s are now obsolete, and they’re not a popular inductor today.

That design is a lot more efficient and quieter.

It also has a low inductance, which gives you a lot less power loss than the old FELs.

So, for a lot people, it’s like, wow, I really want to be a fan of the original design.

That really drives home why they’re making a product like this.

I mean, Ferrite made a huge investment in the original designs, and that’s really why they’ve made this product.

They’re putting a lot into that design.

You could get the original inductor and have a much higher-quality, higher-performing product.

You’d be getting a much better product for that much less money, which I think is really exciting.

The second reason why people are going to be looking at this is that Ferrite says they’re building these new FERROCON products to help other companies out.

In other words, this is a Ferrite product to help a competitor out, and the Ferrinos FERRES-6 is designed to be the perfect example of that.

This is a new inductor that has been redesigned to make it more efficient, quieter, and less expensive, and you can actually buy this product directly from them.

Ferrines FERRE-6 makes use of a high-template design and a new copper jacket, so there’s a little more heat transfer than you would get with a FEL6D.

This will make for a quieter, more efficient inductor than the original, and it’s even more powerful, so if you’re doing some high-voltage applications, this will be a good choice.

You can see the Ferres new FERC-6C, or the FERA-6E, which uses a slightly different design.

This one is a lower-tempo design and uses a new, more powerful copper jacket.

This inductor is more efficient than the previous inductor from Ferrites previous line.

We’ll talk more about the new design in a moment.

The final reason why you’re going, “Oh my god, that’s incredible,” is because you can build the new Ferres FER-6 on the FET-2 or FET3 family of FERRs.

It will have all the same die-cast and die-lectric properties, and also have the same power and performance.

They use the same PCB design and the same heat-spreader, and everything.

The only difference is the new inductors die-casts are a bit thicker.

And the heat-transfer and inductor efficiency is a little higher.

So, if you build a FERC product with a Ferritac FERRY-6F, it’ll actually have a higher-power FERRIC-6S inductor in it.

It’ll also have a lower power FERRI-6B, which we’ll talk about in a minute.

But the new ferrite inducter from Ferrocs is just $14999, so you can make a new Ferrite FERRC-6 with this inductor directly from their website.

This is a photo of the new one that they’re introducing, the