A new article from The Detroit News gives a preview of the F-Series, the next generation of pickup trucks.

The article says that GM will begin production of a new pickup truck that uses the latest inductor technology in 2018.

The next-generation F-100, the F150, will use a new inductor called F-FIT.

F-CIT will be the next inductor that GM is launching in 2018, and it will be used in the F500.

The F-50, which debuted in 2012, uses a second F-series inductor.

The last F- series pickup truck, the G4, uses the first F-20, which uses a new version of the inductor in 2020.

The new F-10 will be a new hybrid truck that will have a four-speed automatic transmission.

It will be powered by a 6.2L V8 and will be based on the Chevy Nova platform.