Posted April 19, 2018 11:16:56With the introduction of the new ION Series 2, the company announced its plans to expand its ION product portfolio to include new ASICs.

The company will start to sell its next generation ASICs in early 2019.

The announcement comes just days after its first ASIC product, the BCL-10, launched on the Ethereum platform.

While there is much uncertainty over the pricing and availability of the next generation of ION products, it is widely believed that the company will release its first generation of ASICs this year.

This could be a huge step in the evolution of the company’s product line, as it will provide a clear path for the company to grow its ASIC portfolio.

The ION company will also launch a new generation of the Bcl-10 ASIC this year as well.

The ION line of ASIC products will also include two new types of products.

The first is a fully compatible, fully integrated, high-performance ASIC, known as the ASIC-X, which will enable companies to design custom ASICs based on the ION’s architecture.

The second type of ASIC is an ASIC-D, which is the most advanced of the three.

Both ASIC-T and ASIC-M are designed to be fully compatible with the BCl-10 chip.

The latest generation of BCL chips are designed for use in supercomputers, so these chips are compatible with a wide range of existing chipsets.

The new generation will also support the latest generation Intel chipsets, which are designed specifically for the BCT ASIC.

The next generation will come with a new design for the ASIC, which includes support for more than eight times the current BCL output capacity.

The additional capacity comes in the form of 16MB/s of L3 cache and up to 4GB/s L3-cache.

The BCL processor is also a bit more complex, and this is why it will require more power.

While the Ion series of ASIC chips are not currently available in any of the major chipmakers’ product lines, the companies have announced plans to bring them to market in the future.

The companies announced plans for a new type of high-end, custom ASIC that will have an interface speed of 2.5GHz, which they call the BCH-6.

This new ASIC will be based on an improved version of the Ions ASIC-2.0, which was unveiled last month.

In addition to the BSH-2 and BCL ASIC, the Ionic ASIC will also be supported by the new ATC chip, which has been announced as a new high-speed, dual-channel ASIC with a 3.5Gbps interface speed.

The ATC ASIC will have a 5.6Gbps speed and will also feature a new FPGA chip.

According to the company, the new ASIC-A will offer faster access times to the full memory bandwidth of the chip, and it will also offer a larger L3 area.

The BCH chip will support up to 64 GB of L4 memory, and the new chip will have 8MB/sec of L2 cache.

The chips are both designed to deliver faster speeds than the existing ION chips, but are also much more power efficient.

These features are expected to make the BETH chip a significant competitive threat to the Ionis and Bcl chipsets currently in the market.

The new ASIC is expected to launch later this year, and will be available to purchase in 2019.