The BBC has published a video clip from the first ever assembly of a spacecraft.

The video shows the first assembly of the NASA-sponsored spacecraft, which is built to test and demonstrate new technologies for the agency.

The spacecraft, called The Martian, will be the first to travel to Mars and explore the Red Planet.

The space agency hopes to launch the spacecraft into space in 2021, but is working with a group of private companies to get it into orbit.

The Martian mission was started by the US space agency in 2012.

The spacecraft was designed to travel at a speed of 5km/s and has been able to carry six experiments.

It was the first of a series of missions that the space agency planned to send to Mars.

The next planned mission was the Red Dragon, which would be a test vehicle that would carry six instruments to a site on the planet’s surface.

The next planned missions are the Mars 2020 rover, which was designed by a private company and will be launched in 2021.

It is intended to make measurements of Mars’ surface that will be used to determine whether Mars is habitable.

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