Posted May 04, 2019 03:38:40 If you’re looking to upgrade your radio or television receiver to a high-power DC-to-AC converter, you may want to consider the RadioShack DC-AC power supply.

This high-quality power supply is available in both 2×8-pin and 2×12-pin configurations.

It includes a wide range of components, including two 2.5-inch capacitors, two 8-pin PCI-E power connectors, two 2×6-pin power connectors for use with optional adapters, and an extra 2×2.5mm female header.

A power-supply that will do for you the job of upgrading your old receiver.

The R-AC10-AC is available from RadioShacks and for $79.99.

A new, slightly cheaper model, the R-10-DC, costs $59.99 on Amazon.

RadioShackers sells the RAC10 for $59 from its site.

You can also find a variety of other RadioShacked power supplies on Amazon, like the RCA RCA20, the CR20, and the CR40.