Google has announced it will be introducing inductor chips into its next generation of smartphones.

The company is making the announcement in the form of a video presentation at Mobile World Congress this week.

Bolt pro-incubators will be used to power devices, but the company will also use them to power inductors, Google said in a statement.

Bolts will be the first inductor-based devices to be launched with a maximum inductance of 4.5W.

This will be achieved by making the inductor more sensitive to magnetic fields.

Bolas have already been used to generate the magnetic field in a range of products including home appliances, computers and phones.BOLT PROMOTIONAL METHODSA bolt-on component, a “plug-and-play” solution, could also be used in future products to enhance the functionality of inductors.

Bolan, a technology company that specializes in electric car technology, has developed the bolt-in technology for the inductors and will introduce the Bolt Pro in the third quarter of 2017.

Boleans could be used for a range a range from the simplest of devices to bigger things, like smartphones.

Bolas co-founder Vishal Kulkarni said that in the future, the company plans to release more plug-and/or wireless products that use the Bolt-Pro technology.