Buzzfeed has the video below.

In this video, a woman named Michelle was talking to an employee of a company that sells an electric vehicle.

As Michelle and the employee talked, Michelle was able to convince the employee to buy her an electric car.

This happened, in the video, to be the case with an electric sedan.

The video begins by saying that the employee didn’t really want to buy a car, but was forced to buy one because he had to leave his job and moved to Austin.

The employee is heard telling the employee that he didn’t want to leave, but that he needed to buy an electric SUV.

The person is seen saying that he has an electric hybrid, but the employee was able buy the car because Michelle had convinced him to buy it.

The employees conversation then goes to what Michelle was telling the person.

Michelle says that the person had told her that they were getting a Honda Odyssey and that she was really excited to have an electric one.

The Employee then says that he wants a Honda Civic Type R. The woman says, “Okay.”

The employee says, no, no.

The customer then said that he wanted a Honda Fit and that Michelle could have a Fit, too.

The female employee then said, “I know you have a Honda Accord, but you could have an EV instead.”

The person says, ok, we have an Accord.

Michelle said, that’s the one.

When the employee asked her if that’s what she was going to buy, she said, no she’s going to be able to buy the Honda Fit.

When asked if that was a real person, Michelle said that that’s who the employee is and that he is just going to go buy a Honda.

The interview ends with the employee saying, well you know what?

We’ve been waiting to get this car for like a year, but now we finally got it.

Buzzfeed: What was the most surprising part of this video?

In this particular video, Michelle is shown saying that she doesn’t know what the Honda Civic type R is.

The first thing that is obvious is that Michelle is saying that this is a Honda that she’s never seen before.

However, Michelle also says that she bought this vehicle because she was told that Honda was making it.

At first glance, it looks like Honda is making a Civic Type.

But, it’s not Honda.

Honda actually makes the Civic Type-R.

The Honda Type-Rs have a different front fascia than the Civic types.

Also, the front fascias are different.

There are two different styles of fascia in the Honda Type R: one with the standard rear bumper and another with the rear bumper.

The only other difference between the two styles is that the Honda is a bit wider than the Honda.

This means that it will fit under the Honda’s front bumper.

In order to fit under that bumper, the Type R must have a rear bumper that is wider than that of the Honda, which would mean that it would need to have a thicker front bumper to fit over the Honda bumper.

It’s very odd to see a car that’s never been in the past shown in a video that shows that the manufacturer doesn’t make the car.

BuzzFeed: What does this video have to do with Tesla?

When the video was made, many people wondered why the Tesla Model S is not included in the list of electric vehicles in Buzzfeed’s list of the Top 100 best electric vehicles.

While this list has a lot of Tesla models on it, many of them are not included because of the large amount of competition the electric vehicle industry faces.

The Model S has been in production since 2010, and it is one of the best selling vehicles on the market.

BuzzFlash: Why did Buzzfeed remove the Model S from their list of best electric cars?

BuzzFlash has been doing this for years, but they removed it from the list after the Model 3 launch.

Buzzflash is based on a list that was made by The Verge in the first year of the Tesla vehicle, and the Verge said that the Model 7 was one of their top three vehicles, and that the Tesla’s new Autopilot feature was a very positive addition.


The Verge did not include the Model X, which was released earlier this year.

The Tesla Model X was a much bigger vehicle than the Model SE, and BuzzFlash removed it due to the fact that it was the only Tesla Model that was not a “Tesla,” BuzzFlash said.

The article also included the Model Y, which BuzzFlash did not add.

The list was a product of BuzzFlash’s editors and the staff at BuzzFlash, who wanted to showcase the products that BuzzFlash readers are using every day.

This list is just one of many things that BuzzFeed does.

Buzz Flash is based in San Francisco, California, USA, and its main focus is to provide readers with a list of