Google is introducing a new inductor tool to help it design and engineer inductor elements that can be easily and easily replace parts in industrial manufacturing.

The company has partnered with Chinese firm CNC Robotics, who were recently awarded the first $1 million USD research grant in the United States to develop inductor tools for industrial manufacturing applications.

The CNC Robots team has developed inductors for industrial use and the new tool will be the first inductor-based tool to be used in a commercial manufacturing application.

This is the first time that a tool has been developed to replace parts for industrial applications, according to Google.

“We’ve been working on our own inductor technology for some time now.

We wanted to give our engineers a tool to design and prototype inductor designs,” said Andrew M. Wang, vice president and general manager of the CNCRobotics team.

“When we came to Google, we realized that we wanted to bring inductor engineering into the mainstream,” Wang added.

The new tool is a combination of a 3D CAD and a computer-aided design (CAD) process, which will allow engineers to design the type of inductor they want to replace and then quickly and easily fabricate the replacement parts.

“The goal of the tool is to be able to design a design that’s both robust and affordable.

This means that it won’t cost us any more to produce it than it would to produce a real product,” Wang said.

Wang added that the tool would be designed to be easy to use and make it easier for the average industrial designer to use.

The tool will also be compatible with most CAD tools, but will require a custom software package to work with them.

Wang and his team were able to use CAD to design their first inductors and then integrate it into a prototype.

“Our CAD design process was really simple.

The CAD tool is really powerful and really intuitive,” Wang told The Verge.

“You can use it to make a mock-up of your design, and then it’ll take that mock-ups and build a tool that you can use to print your product.

This will make it a lot easier for you to design your products and build them on the spot.”

CNC robots are the world’s largest makers of industrial robots.

Their designs can be used for a wide range of industrial tasks including fabricating parts, welding, milling, and much more.

Google’s announcement of the research grant follows an announcement from Chinese company CNC robotics last year that they had won the $1.2 million USD grant to develop a tool for industrial product design.

Google says that the company has been working with CNC Robotics for nearly three years and they have successfully built prototypes of their tool.

The goal is to bring industrial design into the spotlight, and the tool will make that possible.

“CNC robots will be a huge step forward for us as we strive to bring design to life in the world,” Wang noted.