I’ve been working on the Buck-in-a-BUCK project for quite some time now.

The idea for the Buck came up over lunch one time, and I wanted to do something with it that would be fun to see play out.

It’s a bit like the idea of the ‘Unfinished B.B.O.’ in the Star Wars universe.

It’s a little bit of a re-imagining of the idea, a little different, and an attempt to re-imagine the concept of a Buck-to-Ace to play the same card in a new way.

It was sort of a thought exercise that went through my head at the time.

The idea for this card came from a friend who was working on an early prototype of a deck of cards for the new BattleTech game called ‘Dreadnought’ (which is a great game).

The cards featured a set of 4-8 cards in the center of the box, with a Buck on top.

In the video below, we see this card in action, and it’s awesome.

That’s all I can say for now, but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!