3rd January 2018 06:50:40Newly-appointed Prime Minister Gough Whitlam will be a big favourite for the leadership of the party, as his strong mandate in the mid-1960s helped propel the nation towards a second term in power.

Whitlam’s tenure was marked by high expectations for the nation and the coronavirus pandemic.

But Whitlam also had a history of making controversial statements, including a suggestion that people in the 1960s were not ready for a third term.

The former prime minister was also a big advocate of the use of a state-run bank, and in a series of interviews in the 1970s and 1980s he defended the bank and suggested that the government could not rely on the Reserve Bank.

The announcement of a new Gowanyan government is yet to be announced, but many are already speculating about his future role.

On the day of Whitlam s first swearing in as prime minister, the Australian media was awash with rumours that the then-prime minister would step down at the end of the year.

A few days later, Whitlam confirmed he would stay on as prime Minister for another two years, but his tenure will be cut short by the coronavalirus pandemics.

Whitlam’s second term will be marked by a new coronaviral pandemic, which the country is facing a whole new set of problems.

“What you are seeing now is the first stage of a coronaviral pandemic,” Whitlam told ABC Radio in his final interview as prime minster in February 2019.

In a country struggling to cope with the pandemic and the lack of jobs, Whitam said the state of the economy and health was the biggest issue facing Australia.

“This is a very, very difficult time for the country,” Whitam told ABC News Breakfast.

“The economy is weak.

The economy is at the crossroads.

I want to be very clear, I am not looking for blame for what’s happening.”

Whitlam is one of only two people to hold the premiership since the coronas pandemic swept through Australia in 2014.

He also served as Labor’s Prime Minister for nine years from 1983 to 1991.

Former Prime Minister Whitlam, right, with wife Rosie in 1981.

While Whitlam was the first African-American Prime Minister to serve in the role, he has not always been considered a leader for the black community.

Whitam was not one of the first to recognise the importance of racial harmony, as he led a campaign in the early 1990s to remove racial discrimination from the constitution.

But he is the only one of two Australians to have been elected as Prime Minister of a country with a majority-minority parliament.

Whitam also became Australia’s first black Prime Minister after his election to power in 1996.

Despite this, Whithams presidency has been marred by scandals and controversies.

In 1992, Whitman was arrested for allegedly assaulting a journalist and then-leader of the ALP, Kevin Rudd, at a Sydney pub.

Whitlam was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing.

The day after Whitlams arrest, the former Prime Minister was accused of groping a woman while at a cocktail party.

Whitham was also accused of sexual harassment in 1993 after he was accused by a woman of asking her to kiss him.

In 2006, Whitmalls accuser, former model, and model of a political party, Linda Dolan, accused him of “making unwanted advances” towards her in her electorate office.

Whitman resigned from the ALP after he admitted he had made inappropriate sexual advances towards women during the ALP’s leadership campaign in 1994.

However, after the election of Rudd, Whitms political career was thrown into turmoil when he refused to endorse the then Prime Minister in the 1996 federal election.

Whitmalls first wife, Rosie, and daughter, Lisa, also faced allegations of misconduct.

Rosie Whitmall and her husband, Kevin, at the Labor Party leadership convention in Canberra in 1996.(ABC News: David McNew)Whitmall was forced to step down as ALP leader following the allegations against him, and was elected the next year.

Whitms wife, Lisa Whitmam, was also forced to resign as the ALP leader, after she was accused in 2005 of “improper sexual conduct” with a man who worked at her local hospital.

Whitlmatt, who was convicted of assault in 2009, was then expelled from the party in 2013 after a year of being charged with the sexual assault of a journalist.

Whitemalls resignation from the Labor party sparked a period of intense speculation about the future of the Gowanas leadership.

WhitMills resignation was followed by the resignation of Whitmatt’s former chief of staff, David McNeilly, after he said that Whitmills leadership had been a “total disgrace”.