A search for ‘Murata inductOR’ on eBay will bring you more than 2,000 results, but the most popular one is the ‘Kirin’ model, which has been used for decades.

This particular model, built in the early 1990s, has a large ‘M’ badge that appears on its top edge.

This means it is a high-performance inductor, but it also has a very low inductance rating of 0.7 ohms, which makes it ideal for applications where a high impedance is required.

There are three ‘K’ badges on the front of the device, which means they can be used to select different power modes.

The ‘M’, ‘K’, and ‘M+’ badges are located on the back of the unit, and are used to toggle the voltage of the inductor.

Murata is known for making good quality power products, but you can get a great deal of value out of the cheapest Murata induction in the market today.

Weighing in at just under 10 pounds, the Kirin inductors are easy to install and maintain, and can even be used for audio applications with high-end components.

We’re not sure why it has taken so long for the brand to launch the K1 model, but they should finally be making it available in 2018.

The new Murata K1 inductor is the first of two Murata Power Series units to come with the ‘Hercules’ power mode, which is a combination of the Infinity Power and the Hercules Power series.

The Infinity Power has been a popular model for some time, and the ‘R’ badge on the Infinity model has a distinctive triangular pattern, so we’re sure this one is going to be well received.

This unit is rated at a nominal 2.5 amps, which should suit most audio applications, but if you’re going to use it for high-output applications like amplifiers, you might want to opt for a slightly higher output rating.

The K1 will come in at a suggested retail price of €2,699 ($3,099), but you’ll have to fork out €3,299 ($4,299) for a standard K1.

The first-generation K1 is powered by the same 16-inch (440mm) diameter M5 aluminum alloy coil as the Infinity series, but its design has changed a little to keep the weight down.

The current model has been updated to a new design that uses the same 2-piece construction as the previous model, and it’s designed to be more efficient for lower impedance applications.

The top and bottom sections are identical in both models, so it should look very similar when installed, and its overall height is 1.5 inches (50mm).

The front and back of this unit feature a new brushed finish, which looks very good and provides a comfortable grip.

The front side of the module features the same 4-pin DIN-compatible connector as the rest of the Murata product line, but this one has been redesigned to include a dedicated 12-pin connector that can be easily removed for maintenance.

The module has a built-in LED light that measures 0.4 inches (15.5mm) across and features a matte black finish.

The LED light is a little brighter than its predecessor, and there is a second LED that can illuminate the rear panel of the K-Series unit.

The unit comes with a standard 5-year warranty, which includes a 15-day money back guarantee.

The Murata brand is renowned for producing great products, and if you want to find out more about the Muras new 2018 Power Series, you can read our article on Murata’s new inductors.