Why do you need a converter in your car?

Price: £40,000 (plus VAT) induction filter calculator Source: TalkSport article Price in 2018: £60,000 induction filter capacitor calculator source BBC News article Price for a 100uh inductance capacitor, £20 per

What is a “turbo charger” and how does it work?

When you plug in a USB charger into a wall outlet, it’s basically an inductor that produces electricity at high power levels.If the charging cable goes bad, it will blow the charger and cause the device to overheat.But that’s not what a “Turbo Charger” is.If you want to charge your iPad faster,

How to find a great PCB inductor

The PCB is an inexpensive, flexible inductor designed to replace the conventional inductor on a laptop or desktop computer.While the PCB can be used to replace an old PC case,

Which of these two inductors is best for your car?

With a new generation of high-tech cars, automakers are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the emissions standards required by the International Code of Federal Regulations (ICFR).A new generation, though,

‘The World’s First Miniature Pylon’: How the Japanese made their first transistor

What does a miniature transistor do?And what does it mean for the future of electronics?In this article, we’ll dive into the origins of the transistor and learn more about its future.1.The First Miniaturized Transistor (or “Miniature Transistor”)The first transistor, invented in 1905, was a metal coil.The metal coils were designed to produce

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